Social Mission

Dear friends,

Since the very inception of Overgas we have not ceased to invest in social projects. Our practice, initially scattered in various areas, has now crystallized in three directions. All three are in harmony with the professional mission of Overgas:

• ecology;

• educationand culture;

• sport for the youngest.

The resources that our company allocates for its social programme are a non-negligible part of the annual net profit of Overgas. Nobody obliges us to spend money beyond our core mission - providing everybody with an access to the environmentally sound andlow-costnaturalgas. But we do it being fully aware of the fact that when you help in time, you help twice.

We support projects that are of irreversible public interest.

We respect ideas, the results of which put Bulgarian citizens on equal terms.

You will see us planting new forests to replace the ones burned down or logged although this does not come into our core production activities. We do it for the sake of the nature of Bulgaria, which belongs to us all.

You will come across our name in the most advanced projects for Bulgarian education. We invest in this field, because we believe that the Bulgarian dream will come true as a result of the efforts of highly educated and patriotic young Bulgarians.

You will see us supporting the Bulgarian theatre since we are the general sponsor of the Askeer Awards, before the high criteria of which all our actors, stage managers, scriptwriters and composers are equal.

You will find out that our Overgas Basket programme is our everyday effort to keep young people away from the temptation of drugs and idleness and to facilitate their access to an incredibly beautiful sport.

We do not claim to be able to help everywhere and in everything.

Bulgaria will succeed when the efforts of people like us multiply every day.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a member of the global initiative and the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria Overgas has endorsed, supports and strictly applies in its sphere of influence the 10 principles of the international non-governmental organization in the four theme areas - human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption:

• support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and respects and supports the preservation of human rights;

• make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses;

• uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;

• eliminateall forms of forced and compulsory labour;

• effectively abolish child labor;

• eliminatediscrimination in respect of employment and occupation;

• support aprecautionary approach to environmental challenges;

• undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility;

• encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies;

• work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

The commitment of Overgas and its employees to global sustainable development was personally declared to His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, during his meeting with the Global Compact Network Bulgaria in May 2011.Overgas Inc.AD pursues its long time commitment to the community and assumes full responsibility for the impact ofits activities.And deeply convinced that everyone should contribute to sustainable development, our company will continueto uphold its well-established position as a responsible corporate citizen who applies best production practices,provides healthy and safe working conditions,developing business with the concern about nature conservation,partners with stakeholders and invests in unleashing human potential.

Press release on the progress of Overgas for 2011



The team of our company adheres to the philosophy that the more highly educated and qualified specialists work in the country, the sooner the Bulgarian dream will come true.

Almost immediately after being established Overgas began with its support to talented students. Our scholarship students graduated from the most prestigious world universities such as MIT, CalTech, London School of Economics and Political Science,Harvard.

Overgas is the only Bulgarian company that has an agreement for training of specialists with the Russian State University of Oil and Gas I.M. Gubkin, Moscow, and St. Petersburg State MiningUniversity - leading universities in oil and gas extraction and transportation. Currently six of the company's scholarship students are studying there.

Through the Young Bulgaria Foundation Overgas is implementing the Bulgarian School project.

This is the dream of the Overgas team. The project includes the construction of an educational complex in Sofia. The idea is children from the kindergarten up to the twelfth grade to be educated in the complex.

The Sunny Bunny kindergarten is already functioning. According to surveys, which the team of the Young Bulgaria Foundation carries out each year during the exhibition of private schools and kindergartens, our Sunny Bunny kindergarten has the largest numbers of kids and is the most desirable in Sofia. Without undue modesty, the kindergarten is famous for the exclusively good conditions for the children, as well as for the high qualification of its staff and the comfortable and serene atmosphere.

During the 2002 - 2003 academic year admission for first-graders kicked off. Thus the first 9 first-graders gave the start to the Bulgarian Schoolprimary school.

Currently there are200 children aged 3 to 14 studying in the school complex. They are being taken care of by highly qualified teachers, young people – high-flyers from the Department of Primary and Preschool Education of Sofia University.

Environmental protection

The Let Us Keep Bulgaria Clean and Green for Us and Our Chikdren project of Overgas was launched in 2000. The aim of Overgas is to help restore Bulgarian nature through afforestation of woodlands destroyed by wildfire. On the one hand, this improves the environmental conditions, on the other - it draws public attention to the problems of forests in Bulgaria and thirdly – it brings up children to love and care for nature.


The philosophy of our company is that the problems of culture could be solved given three indispensable elements - government policy, a quality product at a market price and an effective product demand. And just as a confirmation of this philosophy Overgas is supporting "products" of Bulgarian creative work that have won recognition due to their qualities. For this reason our company is for a consecutive year a general sponsor of the Askeer Theatre Awards that have become an institution not only in the theatre circles but in society as a whole as well. The Executive Director of our company Mr. Sasho Dontchev is a cofounder of the foundation in support of the National Theatre. We take our sponsorship not only as a support for the awards of a given Bulgarian theatre, but as a support to the entire Bulgarian culture as well.

In its over 20-year history Overgas has supported the publication of tens of volumes of Bulgarian fiction, historic and biographic literature. A great part of these publications is given away as donations to cultural centres and schools in Bulgaria.

We regard the sponsorship of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church as a support to Bulgarian culture and identity. As of today we have gasified free of charge tens of churches and temples in Bulgarian towns, including the building of our Exarchate in Istanbul.


We uphold the idea that by supporting Bulgarian sport, we actually help bring up more young and capable Bulgarians. That is why the efforts of Overgas are focused on developing competitive persons ever since their childhood and adolescence. Therefore, we are working on the issue under the Overgas Basket programme.



These are our social projects. We believe in them.