Useful information

More and more Bulgarian households are discovering the joy and comfort of life on natural gas. Natural gas is a clean, economical and safe energy source. Whether longing for plenty of hot water, perfectly cooked dishes or a cozy home in the snowy winter days, the heat is available when you choose to live as millions of European citizens do. Find out how using natural gas will reduce your bill for heating, hot water and cooking and how you will keep the environment clean for your children and grandchildren.


To deal with more frequent calls asking how to start/restart wall-mounted boilers after a power/gas supply outage, we are publishing the following brief information:

  • The absence of natural gas in the residential installation is mainly due to power or gas disruption. In such situations, the system is automatically switched off as part of network safety.
  • To restart your boiler, turn off and on the appliance and if necessary, repeat the action several times. If the boiler is set in summer mode, open the hot water valve to make sure that the appliance is working normally.
  • If you need further information, you can always contact us on the National call centre - 0700 11 110, and in case of suspected technical fault – on our emergency telephone - 0800 11 211.