Internship Academy

Internship Academy

We believe that the young people in Bulgaria are smart and ambitious and their ideas and unusual approach bring new strength to the company.

We need all kinds of specialists: designers, engineers, technicians and economists.

Overgas trainees become a part of the team and work on a par with their colleagues.

About 30% of trainees remain in permanent employment in the company and begin their careers.

Internship Academy

We, Overgas employees, love our job because:

  • We give warmth and comfort to our customers;
  • We save the planet from harmful emissions in the atmosphere;
  • We develop and train ourselves continuously;
  • We have time both for work and for family and friends.
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The Academy provides opportunity for:

Gradual development and growth in one of the following:

  • job in you specialty;
  • individual program;
  • mentor and career counseling at the end of the traineeship;
  • participation in an internship competition to create a product with prizes;
  • team interaction training and presentation skills.
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