Overgas has always supported projects of significant public interest, because we design our own society in which we want to live.

Basic guidelines and principles for applying for sponsorship:

  • We support proposals that match the vision, goals, values, priorities and messages of Overgas brand and the slogan “Everybody needs a good company”;
  • We support proposals that contribute to building the good reputation of Overgas brand;
  • We support proposals for beneficiaries that may be assigned to Overgas community and have a multiplying effect;
  • We support proposals that ensure control, accountability and transparency of fund spending;
  • Sponsorship activity is carried out under contractual commitment and strict compliance with accounting and legal provisions;
  • Applications should contain detailed information about the proposed project, i.e time, place, scope, target group, advantages and opportunities for advertising, amount of help sought/sponsorship offered;
  • Overgas sponsorship funds are planned in the annual budget of the company for social and educational initiatives. This means that proposals should be submitted by the end of the previous year;
  • We do not support initiatives by political parties, their representatives or candidates for political positions;
  • We do not support one-time, single or random initiatives.
We do not claim that we may help everywhere and everything, but we try to be useful.


Applications will be addressed to Mr. Sasho Dontchev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Overgas Networks AD, at the address: Sofia 1407, 5 Philip Kutev Street or by e-mail: [email protected], tel. (+359 2) 4283 283; A decision for support or refusal will be taken by the management of the company, following which the applicant will be informed.