Initiatives for the Community

Initiatives for the Community

„We dream of a better society for ourselves and for our children. A society, in which you are not expected to make people good by law or force. A society in which people are together because they need each other. In which everyone strives to fulfill their expectations and take on their responsibilities. A society in which people have a common cause, and are empathetic and willing to cooperate. In which institutions do not dictate people’s lives, and citizens impose the institutional agenda”

Sasho Donchev,
Founder of Overgas

  We, in Overgas, share values and culture as defined by the etymology of the word „company“, which means „Together for the Bread“, in other words, „People with Whom I Share My Bread“.
Our Overgas family brings together people who have chosen this company to realize themselves and their skills and may be useful.
People who are not indifferent to what is happening around them, in the company and society, and for which the man’s empathy and help with them are not just words. Corporate Social Responsibility for us is not an obligation, it is not a fashion trend that we follow, nor is it imputed to us by anyone. Our commitment to public causes has been part of our credo for nearly 30 years.

Along with our main mission to provide access to ecologically clean, efficient and economical energy alternative, i.e. the natural gas, for all, we believe that the world is governed by goodness, that only sympathy is not enough and that we are part of the change.

We believe that the Bulgarian dream will come true thanks to the efforts of highly educated and capable Bulgarians. We believe that the change we dream of is possible when the efforts of people and companies are multiplying every day. And we are glad we are not alone in this cause.
As a member of the the UN Global Initiative and Bulgarian Global Compact Network, Overgas has adopted, supported and implemented in its activity and field of influence the 10 principles of the organization:

Support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; Make sure that they are not complicit in human right abuses; Uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining; Eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour; Effectively abolish child labour Eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation; Support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges; Undertake and maintain initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility; Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies; Support anticorruption initiatives and transparency policy.
Overgas and its employees’ commitment to the world’s sustainable development was personally stated before His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General, during his visit to Bulgaria in 2011. The company follows its longstanding commitment to society and takes the full responsibility for the impact of its activities.From the position of responsible corporate entity, Overgas applies the best production and commercial practices, develops its business with respect to care and protection of nature, provides healthy and safe working conditions for its employees, and invests in the development of the human potential.

„I am proud of my parents work“

The initiative aims to show children that labour is a necessity and value, that every person is needed and useful for the society, regardless of the profession he pursues. Every year for one day „Overgas“ opens doors for the children of its employees and through a special educational program, presents the specifics of the different professions and activities. The programme helps children and young people make informed choices about their future careers.

The „Responsible choice“ Programme

Aims to highlight transparency in responsible production and supply from companies, as well as to show consumers that with their daily purchases they have the power to change production practices, to manage „trends“ imposed by producers and advertisers, to nurture a culture of responsible choice and consumption. The initiative includes in-house trainings for employees with different topics: consumer rights, financial literacy, food waste, etc.

„Act of kindness’ games“

The annual sports tournaments „Act of kindness' games“ show us that the responsible companies, the health of employees, sport and charitable causes can go hand in hand. By participating in football, tennis, volleyball, cycling, table tennis and other events, each company fights for a different social cause. The winning team receives the prize fund in the respective discipline and donates it for the benefit of the people in need.

Corporate Social Responsibility

United Nations Global Compact

Collective projects under the Bulgarian Global Compact Network