Overgas Environmental Policy is developed in accordance with the strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety. The foundations of Overgas’ environmental policy determine the company’s goals, principles and commitments in the field of environmental protection. The implementation of environmental policy allows to improve the environment and increase the environmental and social responsibility of the company.

Policy Goals

Increasing environmental safety and environmental protection.

Improving the purity of air by increasing the share of natural gas in the country’s energy balance. As well as the use of new, environment-friendly techniques and technologies and compliance with legislation and environmental regulations.
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Overgas Principles for Environmental Protection

Overgas’ activities are consistent with the global and European sustainable development trends.

The company assists and creates conditions for the implementation of the international commitments made by the country in terms of environment and energy efficiency. Overgas understands that an important condition for successful environmental management is the process of increasing the ecological culture and knowledge of environmental protection of the personnel and society.
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Overgas priorities in the field of environmental protection

Ensure environmental safety and technical reliability during the construction, transport and operation of gas distribution networks.

Conservation of the nature in the areas of construction and operation of the distribution networks. Protection of workers’ health. Improvement in the environmental status in the territories in which the company carries out its activities. By personal example it enhances the public’s responsibility in terms of environmental protection.
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Main directions of implementation of Overgas environmental policy

Increase the share of clean fuel (natural gas) in the energy balance of the country.

Compliance with the requirements of the legislation, current standards, norms and regulations in the environment. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and harmful substances in the ambient air. Management of environmental protection activities. Development of sustainable projects. Ensuring the safe operation of the distribution networks. Ensuring the health and safety working conditions of the staff.
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Effects of Overgas activity on environment

Gasification has a direct impact on emissions from the thermal power plants, combustion processes in the industry and domestic burning of fuel.

The use of natural gas instead of traditional energy carriers allows a reduction of the emissions in the air, increase in the energy efficiency of combustion plants and reduction of fuel consumption.
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Ecological effect

Reduce the emissions of harmful substances in the air and elimination of sulfur oxides, dust and soot emissions.

Reduction of up to 50% of greenhouse gas emissions, elimination of waste from the use of solid fuels and avoidance of possible spills arising from the transfer of liquid fuels.
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Social effects

Increase the investment value and attractiveness of gasified settlements and introducing modern environmental and energy efficient technologies.

An opportunity for consumers in the domestic sector to report, regulate and plan their energy consumption. Reducing the cost of heating for the individual user due to lower gas prices and increased energy efficiency of combustion plants, improvement of working conditions and comfort of life.
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