Mission and Vision

We at Overgas believe that:
  • man’s mission is to be useful;
  • free labour is creation;
  • we may build ourselves just by creating for others;
  • thus we may be an example for our children.
Ever since we incorporated Overgas, we have not ceased to invest long-term in our own projects aimed at society. Important elements of all these initiatives are empathy, leadership, participation and commitment of employees. Our practical efforts address four directions, which are in harmony with Overgas’ professional mission:
  • education;
  • culture and art;
  • ecology and environment;
  • helping the community.
The funds our company allocates to its program to the benefit of society are non-negligible part of Overgas’ annual net profit. Nobody obliges us to invest funds outside our direct mission, i.e. provide everyone with an affordable and cheap natural gas. However, we are doing it with the full awareness that when you help in time, you help double.

We support projects that are inherently in the best public interest. We respect ideas that result in Bulgarian citizens being equal.

You will see us afforesting new forests in the place of the burnt or cut off ones, although this is not a part of our direct production. We are doing it for our Bulgarian nature, which belongs to all of us.

You will notice our name in the most modern projects for Bulgarian education. We invest there because we believe that the Bulgarian dream will come true as a result of the efforts of highly educated and capable young Bulgarians.