Overgas Tehnika

„Overgas Tehnika “ AD offers the service “Technical supervision of facilities” in the design, construction and operation of gas facilities and installations. It is actively involved in the implementation of modern infrastructure and other engineering projects with a priority in the development of the natural gas market.

Petar Shopov

Professional Development

Petar Shopov is Executive Director of Overgas Technika AD since August 2011 and Managing Director of O.G. Tech since July 2013. His professional career in Overgas family began in September 1995 as Specialist in design of gas facilities, Gazosnabdyavane Yambol Ltd.

Since then, he has held the following positions: Specialist in design of gas facilities and installations and technical supervision, Gazosnabdyavane Yambol Ltd. (1999-2000); Industrial Technical Supervision Inspector, YAMBOLGAZ 92 AD (2000 – 2001); Investment Process Implementation Specialist, Contracting and Execution of the Investment Process Department, Overgas Inc. AD (2001 – 2003); Chief Specialist in Commissioning, Contracting and Execution of the Investment Process Department, “Capital Construction” Directorate, Overgas Inc. AD (2003 – 2004); Construction Chief Specialist, Construction Directorate, Production Division, Overgas Inc. AD (2004 – 2005); Head of Construction Unit, Construction Directorate, Production Division Overgas, Inc. AD (2005 – 2006); Head of Production and Technology Department, Manufacturing Dispatch Center Directorate, Corporate Business Division, Overgas Inc. AD (2006); Head of Operation and Service Department, Gas Distribution Networks Directorate, Distribution of Natural Gas Division, Overgas Inc. AD (2006 – 2007); Deputy Executive Director of Overgas Tehnika AD (2007 – 2011).